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長度分別:1" x 1M、1” x 2M、1” x 3M、1” x 4M、1” x 5M、1” x 6M、1” x 8M



適用:大、小貨車綑綁貨物 / 機車.家具固定 / 車頂價貨物固定


※ 所有的棘輪綁帶都是這樣的原理

綁緊: 正常拉柄是卡在棘輪上只能往前不能往後 所以織帶越拉越緊


鬆綁退帶: 當您要鬆脫時退帶時 拉柄要拉至後面有一個定位卡損 此時拉柄與棘輪沒接觸到 棘輪變成空轉 帶子往外一拉即可將織帶鬆脫退帶

LT0030 棘輪貨物綁帶2.5cm寬 1.4mm厚織帶 無鉤環繞式固定貨物帶

價格自 NT$121
  • 環繞式貨物固定

    繞圓周固定法,方便固定圓筒.圓柱亦可固定棧板貨物.車頂架貨物,使物品安全穩固不鬆脫 ,減少貨物移動時晃動。

    Easy to install:
    straps to better secure the goods to the roof frame to prevent the goods from off the roof rack.

    After wrapping the strap around the crossbar,
    pass it through the ratchet and snap it into place.
    Please pay attention to check whether it is fixed before driving.

    After-sales service: 
    If you have any questions, please get in touch with contact us .
    We will solve it for you.
    I appreciate your support, and wish you a happy life.

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